Canva for Design: When to Leverage and When to Seek Out the Professionals

Many designers do not endorse online layout tools like Canva, but at Frolic we’ve been able to support our client’s in using Canva as tool to manage their brand. We start them out on the right foot with a professionally designed logo, thoughtfully crafted brand identity, and direction on how to use their logo and brand assets to build effective marketing materials themselves. But, you do want to be mindful about when to use a tool like Canva and when to hire a professional designer, so here’s some of our thoughts for you to consider.

Canva has emerged as a powerful ally for business owners seeking cost-effective and time-efficient design solutions. This user-friendly platform offers a wide array of templates and design features, making it an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to create visuals for their brand. Let’s first explore the some situations where Canva shines and why it may not be the best choice for creating a logo or high-impact marketing materials.

When Canva can be a Great Asset…

Budget Constraints:

Canva is a lifesaver for business owners operating on a shoestring budget. It provides access to a vast library of design templates and elements without the high costs associated with professional design services.

Quick Turnaround:

When you need marketing materials in a hurry, Canva is your go-to tool. Its intuitive interface and pre-designed templates allow you to create visuals swiftly, perfect for time-sensitive projects.

Short-Lived Marketing

Canva is well-suited for marketing materials with a short lifespan, such as social media graphics, blog post visuals, and short-lived print pieces like event flyers or promotions.

When to Approach with Caution

Canva is a powerful asset for many design needs, there are situations where seeking professional design services is advisable. Logo design, brand identity development, and high-impact marketing materials often require the expertise of a graphic designer who can tailor visuals to your brand, audience, and long-term goals. It’s worth the investment to ensure that your brand and marketing materials make a lasting and meaningful impression. Professionally designed materials will really make your brand shine and truly make a difference. Here are some examples of when to be cautious of using Canva:

Creating a Logo:

While Canva excels in many areas, it may not be the best choice for logo design due to several reasons:

  • Limited Uniqueness: Canva’s logo templates are widely used, which can result in a lack of uniqueness and differentiation from competitors.
  • Customization Constraints: While basic adjustments are possible, creating a fully custom logo that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity can be challenging.
  • Scaling Issues: Logos must be versatile and maintain their quality across various mediums and sizes. Canva logos may not scale well, potentially leading to loss of quality.
  • Also, many (if not all) of the stock graphics available to you in Canva are not licensed for logos or brand identity. This means you don’t have the rights to use these images for logos or brands and could make things difficult when it comes to things like trademarking.

Your logo is a cornerstone of your brand identity. It’s worth investing in a professional designer who can craft a logo that resonates with your brand’s values, message, and long-term vision.

Building Brand Visuals and Identity:

Canva, while featuring the latest design trends, colors, and fonts, may not be ideal for creating a comprehensive and unique brand identity. Building a brand goes beyond trends; it requires a thoughtful approach that aligns with your audience and marketing goals. Working with a designer who understands these nuances can result in a brand identity that truly stands out.

High-Impact Marketing Materials:

Marketing materials that require a significant impact, such as reports, feature brochures, or presentations, benefit from the expertise of graphic designers. Designers possess years of experience in making intelligent design decisions concerning spacing, fonts, colors, and appropriate photo and graphic usage. They can weave together a strong marketing piece that looks professional, aligns with your brand, and effectively serves its intended purpose.

We Help our Clients Leverage Canva by…

Creating Custom Canva Templates:

Frolic provides clients with tailor-made Canva templates that harmonize seamlessly with their unique brand identity, ensuring consistent dimensions and layouts.

Using Brand-Aligned Designs:

Our templates are meticulously designed to adhere to your brand standards, guaranteeing that your visuals align perfectly with your brand identity.

Building Editable Canva Digital Assets:

We offer highly editable templates for various applications, including web banners, e-newsletter headers, social media posts, and more, empowering you to make real-time adjustments and maintain brand consistency.

Making Print Material Templates:

Frolic has prepared basic print material templates for clients, simplifying the design process for brochures, flyers, and other printed materials. Please note that a Canva Pro account is required to download high-resolution files suitable for printing.

Offering Professional Guidance:

Our team combines the power of Canva with our design expertise, offering professional guidance to ensure your visuals are not only on-brand but also visually engaging and effective. We are here to support you in making good design decisions while managing your brand.

Streamlined Branding:

Leveraging Canva with Frolic’s guidance allows you to streamline your branding efforts, ensuring that your marketing materials, both digital and print, reflect your brand identity consistently and cohesively.

In essence, our approach at Frolic Design blends Canva’s accessibility with the guidance of professional designer. It’s about finding the right balance to achieve the best results for your brand and marketing needs.

We empower our clients to make informed decisions about when to use Canva and when to consider the insights and creativity that a professional designer can bring to their brand.